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2 thoughts on “Reference materials

  1. Want to buy “Clan MacLeod” by Alan McNie (Cascade Publishing) but sure can’t fill in the new account information to go through. Would also be interested in books with passenger lists of MacLeods & MacDonald’s in the 1700 & 1800’s. How would I buy these.


    • Ms. Visger:
      The links provided to materials on the Reference materials page of this site take you to WorldCat, a worldwide search engine for library materials. This link will help you to request the books (InterLibrary Loan) through your local library, they are not listed for sale. For more information on WorldCat services and usage see:, or ask at your local library for more information on the ILL process. If you are looking to purchase books, you can try websites like Amazon for recent titles or Abe Books for out-of-print editions.


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